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Dewalt VS Milwaukee Inflator

You might have seen both of these inflators either running on social media or in a store and wondered which is better and what the difference is. In the video I run them head to head to see which performs better and I cover which I prefer and why.

Head To Head

First the test, I run them side by side on two tires both drained to the same pressure and both tires will be inflated to the same pressure. Both tires are on the same vehicle sitting at the same temperature. Both inflators are running on battery power.

The Milwaukee 12V Inflator (Model 2475-20) finishes first at 2 min 41 seconds beating the Dewalt by quite a bit. The Dewalt 20V Inflator (Model DCC020IB) Finishes second at just over a minute slower, finishing at 3 min 49 seconds.

Power Options

After the test is complete the Milwaukee is faster beating the DeWalt by almost a minute, it's also more compact. Both inflators have a high pressure hose connection made specifically for things like a tire. However the DeWalt immediately stands out with its three power options in the video you can see it being powered by the battery, but the Dewalt can also be powered by 12-volt DC and 110 volt AC. Built in on the side there's on-board storage for the cords. Inside that compartment the power options will just plug right into the side. The Milwaukee unfortunately can only use a battery, it doesn't have the other two options available.

Inflating Options

The DeWalt is the only of the two inflators to have a low pressure high-volume option for inflating things like air mattresses, pool toys and I've even used it for stand-up paddleboards. The Milwaukee inflator only has high pressure-low volume., making it less suitable for quickly filling large inflatables. You can also deflate on the Dewalt by simply moving the hose to the other port to deflate those toys by quickly sucking the air out.

Additional Options

Both units have easy-to-read screens and easy to use adjustments. A nice little bonus on both inflators is the onboard storage for connections like adapters or the needle valve I'm always losing. One of the great features of the DeWalt that I like is the flashlight built right into the handle making it great for emergency roadside.


In the end both tools are good and make a great vehicle companion for emergencies. It will depend on your intended use and what batteries you already have. Between the two the DeWalt is my choice in this instance because of the extra features its loaded with.

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