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Cordless Craftsman Wet Tile Saw Review

This is the cordless Craftsman cmc4000m1 cordless wet tile saw. It's one of only a few cordless wet saws available. Everyone already knows going cordless is on most tools is the only way forward and this saw is no exception. You may notice the saw is a similar design to the older Porter Cable cordless wet saw. That's because it is the same saw re branded, however this saw will run on Craftsman's V20 line of batteries which a lot more people will be comfortable investing in.

The saw is fairly compact and has a ton of great features. First the saw is light and easy to carry with large handles. To run the saw it requires only a battery for power, the same V20 batteries used in other craftsman tools. Once the battery's in the next thing you need to do insert the plug tighten the wing nut and then fill the saw with water until you get to the max fill line. It doesn't take very much water to fill it up and then you're ready to go.

Although not totally necessary, I recommend waxing the aluminum sliding surface. It helps the tile slide as well as protect the saw for multiple uses.

I cut some tiles, they are 13-inch ceramic tiles and the saw with the battery has plenty of power. The sliding tray has built-in measurements and keeps the tile nice and square. For a wet saw the blade gets plenty of water without shooting it everywhere, a real plus for cutting right at the work site. Being able to go cordless with this tool is super helpful, it means you don't have to make multiple trips to and from the saw and that can save a lot of time and money. The factory 7 inch blade cuts are clean and chip free. The saw cuts very well it would be a great saw to use for small mosaic projects.

Runtime on the saw was fairly good. I was able to lay a small bathroom and only loose one bar on the 4Ah battery. The runtime will change depending on the material you are cutting. For thicker material or larger jobs I recommend having an extra battery or two on hand and charged.

The biggest and the only complaint I have, is on occasion the tile can catch the back of the blade guard when sliding. It's a minor annoyance but can get frustrating over time. It can easily be overcome with a little wiggle with the tile or if you replace the factory blade with a new thicker blade.

In the end this is a fantastic saw for non-commercial use I'm really happy with it I think you will be too.

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