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Keen Manchester Boot Review

I have been lucky enough to test out a few different boots and although boot preference is subjective to each person and dependent on the job, there are subtle differences that have persuaded my preference. I should note, I have been wearing these boots as well as swapping out a few other CSA approved boots part-time for about six months.

One of the first things I noticed I preferred over some of the other boots was the Manchesters low boot height. For me, the boot ends at a prefect height to still offer good protection, but allow my ankle to bend similar to wearing a shoe. This is a big advantage when walking, but especially becomes noticeable when driving.

Like a few of the other boots, the Manchesters are completely waterproof. The difference when it comes to other waterproof boots, is Keen's breathable membrane allowing vapour out but not in. I did notice my feet didn't sweat as much as usual, but that may have been the work day and not the membrane. However, I can confirm they are one hundred percent waterproof and walking through puddles in the rain doesn't phase these boots one bit. Your feet will always be dry.

Probably my top reason for preferring these boots is the aluminum toe. Most of the other boots were steel or composite toe. I found the aluminum noticeably lighter and, more importantly, warmer on winter days. Temperatures during the time I wore these reached minus thirty degrees Celsius in the shop and the aluminum was by far the warmest.

Boots will always be subjective, but after testing a few and wearing different styles both in the trades and my current career, I highly recommend giving the Keen Manchester boots a try and deciding for yourself.

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