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WORX The 2 in 1 Saw For The DIY Homeowner

When Worx first sent me this tool to try out, I'll admit I was a little skeptical. It comes in on the lower end of the price scale and they claim it to be designed for DIY enthusiast and home owners. I wasn't sure it would perform to my standards. Was I ever WRONG. This is a home owner level tool. But, that being said, it gets those jobs around the house done. And, it gets two of the jobs done with only one tool.

The Worx Axis Saw is a jigsaw and a reciprocating saw in one. It converts between the two with a large red locking button and a quick swing of the articulating tool neck. It features a built in LED light and a front blower. It also has a few features you might not expect, including a variable speed trigger, two position orbital action and tool less blade change.The motor has enough power for most DIY tasks.

First I tested out the reciprocating side of the saw. I used it to trim some green 3 inch branches and the saw cut through with no problem. After 4 cuts through the branch, the included 2 ah battery still had plenty of charge. To be sure the saw would handle a couple different home owner type tasks, I also cut some pallet wood. Again, the saw cut without issue. An added bonus to this saw is the blade can be inserted facing either direction which helps with cutting in tight spaces or weird angles.

Next, with a quick flip, I tested the jigsaw portion of the saw. The saw was a little heavy and unbalanced for a jigsaw, but that's to be expected being a two in one. The jigsaw part of the saw cut through the wood just fine and I found the LED light and blower worked surprisingly well for a lower priced saw. It cornered and turned very easily without slowing down much.


This saw is by no means a construction grade professional tool, but for the money this is a great tool for the homeowner or DIY enthusiast. It's one tool I would be happy to use around the yard and is affordable enough I could definitely see it in a lot of peoples garages. The Worx Axis Saw costs $150.00 CDN including a slim two amp hour battery and a charger.



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