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Dewalt DCN680 18 Gauge Nail Gun

Time To Cut The Cord with the DCN680 . Is the Dewalt DCN680 the nail gun we have been waiting for to finally ditch the air lines and fuel? I will go through the pros and cons of this tool so you can decide for yourself.

Pneumatic nailers have been the way to go for a long time. Generally, they fire consistently, leave little blow out and, most importantly, they are reliable. However, they have huge downfalls - loud compressors needing power and air lines that often tangle ran to the nailer that are always in the way.

Can a battery powered nailer keep up with the consistency and quality of a pneumatic nailer?

I believe the Dewalt DCN680 can and is the answer to finally cutting the cord. But, let's look at the pros and cons so you can decide.


•Running completely on battery power means you're ready to work right away. No setting up

compressors and lines (assuming your batteries are charged) • Adjustable trigger for sequential or contact actuation modes • Non-marking nose cover protects work surface • Tool-free depth adjustment is precise and easy. Just turn a wheel on the side to set desired depth • Tool-free jam release to quickly and easily clear nail jams • Dual multi-functional LED lights • Integrated tool-free stall release lever to quickly reset the driver blade in the event of a stall • Adjustable belt hook for left or right carrying • Low nail lockout which really helps to prevent dry firing

• The nailer can shoot brad nails ranging from 5/8” to 2-1/8”


• It is heavy. The new DCN680 weighs almost as much as the 18 volt nailer it's replacing. • Non-marking tip can fall off fairly easily and is tough to replace even from Dewalt. • Weight distribution - the entire motor is on top and when working on baseboards, I noticed the weight on my wrist after long days • Slower ramp up time - unlike a pneumatic nailer, the DCN680 needs to ramp up • Battery limitations such as AH and hot/cold issues

As you can see, the Pros outweigh the cons significantly. The DCN680 is not the only 18 gauge nailer on the market, but it is my recommendation. It consistently fired the cleanest holes without jamming. The placement of the LEDs compared to the competition is the best by far. It's a great value and a user friendly gun for anyone needing to invest in a 18 gauge nail gun.

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