Basic Coffered Ceilings Adding a Classic Touch

Want to add a classic touch to your kitchen? Add a simple-to-do coffered ceiling to completely

transform the look of your whole room.

We recently added a coffered ceiling to our kitchen as a replacement for an old sunshine ceiling. After removing the old ceiling, we were left with exposed wires and fluorescent lighting. Obviously, this was not going to work. We needed a way to repair the current ceiling and add lighting, so we added the coffered ceiling.

First step is installing the main supports or foundation of the coffered ceiling. Take a laser line or a string line and make a straight line by measuring off both side walls into the center. This will become one of the center beams. From that line, measure and mark lines equally parallel to it. For our space, we went with three lines to get the size of squares we wanted. There should always be an equal number of lines or beams in both directions. Once the lines are marked and are straight, screw 2x4's down the center of the lines. Attach 3 1/2" flat fiberboard (mdf) trim or baseboard to the side of the 2x4's using construction adhesive and a brad nailer. For this, I used the Dewalt DCN680. For the full review, click here.

Once that's done, mark the same amount of lines going in the other direction in between the beams already up making a grid pattern. Attach 2x4's to the center of those lines until you have a complete grid of 2x4's where you want the coffered part to be. Same as the first step, attach the flat trim or baseboard to the sides of the 2x4's using construction adhesive and a brad nailer, as seen in the picture below.

The next step is to attach either one more layer of 2x4 or a 2x2 strip down the middle of the

already installed 2x4's using screws. This will give the ideal depth of the center. We opted to use 2x2 to leave a channel in the coffered part for running a hidden wire for the new pot lights. Once the last 2x4 or 2x2 is attached to the bottom of all the beams, they can be closed in. Close them in using the same 3 1/2" trim as the sides and attach it flat to the bottom of the 2x4's using the same construction adhesive and nailer.

This is the basic build of your ceiling. From here, you can add any style of crown moulding. The crown moulding is installed the same as a small room just in each square. Cut the crown moulding using a miter saw or miter saw box. Nail it into position on the 3 1/2" flat trim the same way you would a wall.

Next, we added lighting to the center of each square to complete the look.

Finally, caulk all the seams and paint the ceiling one or multiple colors. That's it! A simple way to add a classic touch.

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