The Bosch MRF23EVS


This IS the best router for any job. For starters this router has the consistent power needed to move smoothly, with a 2.3 HP 15 Amp motor this router is the muscle car of routers. Micro depth adjustment on this router is as smooth as butter making setting the bit depth a breeze. The router comes with a LED lit clear acrylic plate that makes following a outline very easy. The soft start works amazingly for easing into the precise cut without jumping around. Most importantly the trigger is located right in the grips meaning you never have to take your hands off the tool from start to stop. Using the contour handles is not only safer but so comfortable it feels like I am holding a steering wheel on a Sunday drive. Interchangeable collet size between 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch means this router can handle any job large or small. This router is one of those tools you don't just use for certain projects, it's one of those tools you create projects for so you can use this tool all the time. Cost $319 Cad.


Amperage 15.0

Base Diameter 6" Fixed

Base Opening 3-3/4"

Collet Capacity 1/2" and 1/4"

Length 6.0"

No Load RPM 10,000-25,000

Weight 9.3lb

Width 10.25"

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