Milwaukee M18 Cordless Heat Gun

Milwaukee m18 Cordless Heat

The Milwaukee 2688-21 cordless heat gun is a great tool for anyone looking to work with epoxy. The gun heats up quickly. I was able to see it get up to a maximum 400 degrees Celsius in only a few seconds using a thermal imaging camera. The fan is a nice speed for epoxy. It's not to fast or slow - just enough to push the epoxy to help level it out. The grip never got hot on my bare hand. The best part is this tool sits on the battery or comes standard with a ladder hook meaning you're not searching for somewhere safe to put it down every time you use it. Whether you're new to epoxy resin work or a seasoned vet, this is a tool you'll love to own. This heat gun is one of those tools you buy and you wonder how you were ever able to work with epoxy resins without it. Retail for the bare tool is $149.95 CAD


Voltage 18V

Length 6.39"

Width 2.6"

Weight 1.7 lbs

Height 7.87"

Power Source Cordless 18V battery

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