Spraying With Ease: DIY Friendly PaintWiz Review

As a person who doesn't do a ton of painting, I usually just make due by taking my time with the odd brush or roller. Going into this review, I didn't know a ton about paint sprayers but I did know i didn't want one that would require much for set up or running a loud compressor to use it. I did know I was looking for a HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) to speed up the painting or finishing process. Knowing I needed something very DIY friendly, I turned to FujiSpray to guide me to what I needed.

Enter The PaintWiz

The PaintWiz is a HVLP DIY friendly sprayer that is 4x faster than traditional rolling. It requires almost no set up - pour the paint in (I had to dilute mine), plug it in and spray. Always filter your paint before you put it through a sprayer. The Pro Classic paint I use is so thick to begin with that it took quite a while to strain through the filter. I had the unit out of the box and was spraying in under ten minutes. It has a knob right on the trigger to control the amount of paint flow and has three spray patterns to easily cover every inch. I found the turbine blower to be much quieter then a compressor and it blows instantly with the flick of a switch. It worked great for spraying the table base (see video below) and I could also see this sprayer working great for an outside project with its attached 20 foot hose. The PaintWiz retails for $149.99 CAD (available through the Amazon store in the SHOP link).

What's In The Box

The PaintWiz is a plastic sprayer which keeps it light and affordable. But, don't worry. It's made by Fujispray which is known to build quality sprayers, plus it comes with a one year warranty. The sprayer comes ready to go with all the pieces attached but there are only about four pieces on the sprayer making set up and cleaning a breeze. I took the gun apart, rinsed it, dried the pieces and put it back together in only a few minutes. The kit comes with a set of filters for two different sized cups (I used the smaller of the two for the table base) and a cleaning brush.

Time To Paint

How do I start this thing? Once the Paint is thinned and in the cup comes the even easier part - plug in the base and flip the switch to "on". Spray away! It's truly a plug and play system any DIY'er could use. The PaintWiz has three patterns; vertical, horizontal and round which is all you need. You can change between the three patterns by simply loosening the ring and twisting the nozzle - it takes no time or effort at all. For the circle setting, I do recommend turning down the paint spray knob because the aperture is smaller. The PaintWiz is capable of spraying paint stain or sealing up your new project. After you're done, clean up is simple. Spray some soapy water through the gun and then take it apart (no tools needed) and wash in soapy water. Done.

Final Thoughts

So far, on the projects on which I have used the sprayer, it works very well. There was some over spray, but that was to be expected. Some touch ups were needed, but that was mostly user error being fairly new to HVLP sprayers. After a few uses and sorting out the need to thin the paint enough, the sprayer works just as advertised. The finished result was a smooth clean spray that was much faster than rolling and much cleaner. Keep in mind this is not a high end sprayer and isn't priced to be. I didn't prime my table base and there was no issue. However if you're expecting perfect results, prep and primer are the most essential step in any paint job. For the average DIY'er, the PaintWiz by FujiSpray is a great pick up. You get the ability to spray your projects with great ease and don't have to worry about complicated set ups or clean ups.

If you have any questions about the PaintWiz or any steps of this process, please feel free to get in touch and I'll be happy to help.

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