Tile Removal Feat. Bosch Dust Extraction Review

I recently underwent one of my least favorite labor jobs you can do - tile removal. It's a messy, loud, on-your-knees, brutal job. I found a way to make it a little better, but more on that later. Mess is the inevitable result of almost all types of construction and remodeling, especially when concrete or wood is involved. Dust collection is nothing new. Most people have some form of it in their shop whether it be a mask, a shop vacuum, mobile dust collector or an overhead mounted collector. Not only does it help keep jobs clean, but it really matters to your health both short and long term.

Why Is Dust Collection So Important?

Sometimes overlooked, dust can cause serious health concerns. Excessive inhalation of wood dust from certain species including oak, mahogany, beech, walnut, birch, elm and ash have been associated with nasal cancer in woodworkers. Wood dust has been classified as a known human carcinogen. Similar conditions can occur with concrete. Silica (common particle in concrete) dust can float around unseen for quite a while after cutting. Silicosis is a serious lung disease caused by exposure to silica. Early dust extraction straight from the source is ideal especially when coupled with several different layers or types of extraction and prevention no matter what material your working with.

Dust Collection Is For Everyone

Good air quality is important for everyone, including you. Even if you're a lone wolf on many of your projects, dust extraction keeps wood shavings and dust away from your face, eyes and hands helping you focus on the task itself. Whether you're working in a clients home or around your own house, thinking ahead about dust collection will save you time cleaning up the job and offer a level of protection for not only yourself but your clients and their families.

Tile Removal Featuring Bosch

Working on an indoor job like a kitchen renovation as well as having a three month old baby in the house, I knew I was going to need something to extract the dust early before it became airborne. I decided on the Bosch HDC300 chiseling dust extraction attachment. This attachment really sucks literally. You can see it sucking up dust and small pieces right in front of you as you work. The attachment features a 1-3/8" vac port that goes right around the end of the bit to grab the dust right away. It is a universal fit with the ski boot style clamp and is incredibly fast and easy to put on and adjust. I had to connect mine in a different way than recommended by the manufacturer since I was using an off-brand drill but it worked fine and proved the universal nature of the attachment. The attachment works for both chiseling and drilling and I couldn't be happier with its performance and the end result. For the price and ease of use this is a great tool for anyone looking to efficiently remove dust before it gets to the point of being inhaled by anyone. Retail is $149.00 CAD


The awareness and importance of dust extraction and its relation to our health while working is becoming increasingly recognized. The HDC300 by Bosch is a great tool for removing dust that I highly recommend investing in. However, it doesn't matter what trade you're in or how you do it, the importance of dust collection in the early stages should always be at the front of our job planning. Everyone wants to see a happy client and a clean work site while being healthy.

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