Cordless Router Freedom by Ridgid

The new Ridgid trim router was released early this year and I have taken the time to really test this tools capability and durability.

What Is a Trim Router?

Trim routers also known as laminate trimers is a smaller router that can be used for a wide variety of tasks including routing for inlay cavities and hinge mortises, rounding over edges, flush trimming hardwood edging, and a whole lot more. There usually a palm fit router, smaller in size (with a smaller shaft and motor) and used mainly for detail work.

Ridgid Cordless Router

This router is surprisingly light at 3.1 lbs which is less than a baseball. In my hand it feels great the ergonomics of the single hand grip feel comfortable and steady during use. It features a brush less soft start motor that tops out at 25,000 Rpm so theirs no question of power in this trim router. The router comes with both a round and square acrylic plate and features a LED light making the task of routing easy to see. Finally the on/off switch on the side is a pull switch designed with safety in mind and after a few uses i didn't mind it, theirs no way it's going to get bumped on accidentally.

Retails for 157.00 CAD (bare tool)

Using the router

The R86044B is cordless and this obviously was the first thing I liked about it. Not only did I not have to string cords to the router but it made set up and clean up fast and enjoyable. I have used this router on several different applications including mortising a hinge, cutting dado grooves and edge finishing to name a few and every time the router performed well and finished the job on one 4ah battery. The Rpm's power and control are all definitely right were they should be. I was able to adjust the depth without any issue, just turn the dial and go.


All of my tests were done with a 4ah hyper lithium battery. I would recommend using 4ah or higher with this tool to get the job complete, otherwise you may notice the rpm's dropping and have to change the battery part way through (a small price to pay for cordless freedom). The router sits nicely on the battery when not in use, this is useful so that you do not have to find an open spot in a crowded shop to set the router down on its side. It should be noted that while final testing the temperature was around -15 Celsius and the Ridgid battery and charger were the only ones able to charge in that temperature.


The R86044B Ridgid cordless router is a great tool. Making it even better is the Ridgid lifetime service warranty giving you peace of mind. I find myself grabbing it over my larger corded routers any time I can. Both the convenience of cordless freedom and the many features of this router make it a great buy for any shop. The future of tools is cordless and this router is a great start.

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