Measuring the Competition

Whats the most important and used tool in everyone's shop and toolbox? No matter what you're working on a good tape measure is a must. I have recently done work with the top three brands brand new tape measures, and here's what i found.

First the Competitors

Stanley FatMax

The FatMax had to be included in this test because its a classic and one of the most used tapes anywhere. The tape has a 1.25 inch wide blade and a stand out of 11 feet. It features Stanley's typical blade armor and is well weighted and balanced in your hand. The FatMax comes in 16,25,26 and now 30 foot tape measures. The FatMax as been an industry favorite due to its rugged build its ability to take a beating and its reliable standout. This tape will continue to be a favorite for anyone needing a reliable long lasting tape measure. Retail 26.98 CAD.


The Milwaukee tape measure now can stand out 13 feet. Unlike it's competitors plastic blade it uses a nylon blade allowing it to flex and be less brittle in the cold, while maintaining its strength. The new tapes come in 16,25 and 26 feet and are built much stronger with a reinforced frame. Milwaukee also redesigned the tip to allow there utility knife to fit inside it for optimized scoring, a huge plus for drywall. In addition to the tip they added a wide wire belt hook that is well designed for strong hold but still in a functional way. With all of these features added in the Milwaukee tape is another great choice. Retail 32.98 CAD

Dewalt XP

The Dewalt XP tape measure is similar to the FatMax, it has a plastic blade with blade armor and a very rugged design. Unlike the FatMax the tip on this tape has been made larger for easier hooking at a distance. The new tape boasts a 13 foot stand out and the ability to take a 60 foot drop without breaking. This tape is only available in 25 and 26 foot lengths. The ergonomics of the tape are the most on point it fits perfectly into the palm of my hand. Most importantly the tape is dual spring loaded making the retraction smooth and Easy. This tape is great for anyone in a rough work environment.Retail 34.98 CAD


How far you can stand out the tape by yourself is important, if you can take the measurement alone it increases everyone's productivity. Among these three tapes the clear winner is Dewalt XP i was able to get consistent 13 foot standouts with it. The competition did well at 11 feet consistently but couldn't match the Dewalt's standout thanks to 9 inches of laminated blade armor.

Final Verdict

All three are premium tape measure's and there is no clear winner. If your looking for a tough indestructible tape the Dewalt XP is at the top of its game. If you need a tape that is well built and can fit a utility knife in the blade for precise marking the Milwaukee is the undeniable best choice. if your looking for a classic tape that performs well in all tasks and has been a top performer for a long time the Fatmax will always be a good choice.


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